GYMstar Calculator Objective

Hello my name is Russ Martin. I started on this idea back in 2000.  Back then the technology was not ready to manage the flow of the necessary information to support an athlete. In the last three or four years technology has advanced in the Smart Watch. So, I decide to take advantage of the advancements to improve the exercise environment and the athletic industry. As the designer and developer with a team of professional programmers the GYMstar Calculator apps are evolving into a usable weight lifting and cross training tool. As a first time user I realize all that can be done with a smart watch and a database. Such as; inspiring you to do a little more, keeping you on track when you are weak in mind, showing you the path to your chosen athletic profession, and more important letting you know when you are failing to maintain or achieve these goals all on your wrist.

There is so much that can be programmed into these apps to support your goals to be healthy. The truth is that weight lifting is a necessary boring event. GYMstar calculator inspires with numbers. You will not experience this knowledge until you use the app.

My goal is to improve the app not only with calculations but interactive knowledge about exercise. I started with a bull and gazelle so that they can be animated. There is so much that can be done with this application. I want you to know that each month you will receive an option to upgrade your membership and the services.  The Smart Watch from any vendor has real value now because of GYMstar.  A true workout tool for the athlete.

Russ Martin

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