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Create your routine or import a professional athletes routine. Gold keeps you at a top level of performance with Routines, Totals Tracking and Database Management tools.

All Watches Come With One Year GYMStar Gold Membership.

The Following SmartWatches Are Small Computers With Android Operating Systems. When considering a purchase of a SmartWatch it should be used for its intended purpose an exercise calculator.

GYMStar Training Calculator Apps – The Future In Weight Lifting & Cross Training

GYMStar Training Calculator Apps

GYMStar Training Calculator Apps Inspire…

GYMStar Training Calculator Apps are more than a calculator. The total results presented to you while working out inspire you to do a little more each time you engage a workout station. As a casual athlete most workouts are perform by yourself and with no one to push you through exercise routines you loose interest. GYMStar Apps are better than a workout partner or trainer. Unlike a workout partner the calculator numbers focused you to stay the course with the knowledge that your workout numbers are progressing. The numbers performed during the last workout set the pace for today’s workout. You can not lie to yourself about the number of reps, sets or weight totals.

GYMStar Bronze, Silver, and Gold are different levels of apps starting with a beginners weight lifting tool the Bronze. For more information about each level of apps click on the membership above.  Click on more information for Bronze, Silver or Gold future objectives to serve an athlete.

GYMStar Weight Lifting Calculators YouTube Videos will provide you with training on how to set up a GymTime Smart Watch as well as training videos on navigating the GYMStar apps and setting up your station log and workout log.

GYMSTAR Tools Make You A Better Athlete

  • Weight Lifting Totals
  • CrossTrain Totals
  • Weight Lifting Routines
  • Weight Lifting Schedules
  • Top Results & Maximum Results
  • Professional Athlete WorkOut Routines
  • Professional Training Routines For Specific Athletic Endeavors
  • Body Profile Tracking
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